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How to find a high quality Water Filter System and Water Treatment Systems from the manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, distributor, and factory? MOLYKEM CHEMICAL CORP. is a fully integrated manufacturer of Water Filter System. We are a professional Taiwan-based company dedicated and dynamic provider of a wide range of water filtrations. Please contact us for more details.


Founded in 1986, Molykem is an ISO 9001-certified professional water treatment company with expertise and technologies. Ever since the first day of our business, "Customer First, Service Oriented" and "Permanent Running, Never Ending Progress" have always been our slogans. Under the quality policy of "Effective, Economic, Considerate, and Progressing" with integrated customer services, continuous qualitative improvement and providing products and services which meet customers' requirement and expectations.

Water supply, wastewater treatment, effluent disposal and reuse have become and will continue to be critical issues for the world. As environmental regulations develop, disposing of waste products and reusing resources are becoming a bigger challenge. As populations grow and economic opportunity expands, new sources of water need to be developed. At the same time additional means of wastewater and industrial processed water, reuse and disposal grow too.

Molykem specializes in developing, designing and manufacturing highly efficient process and waste water solutions. These designs emphasize delivering clean water while recovering energy and other resource recovery.  Focusing on making the best products possible, utilizing innovative designs and materials, working continuously on market-orientated solutions and innovation is of great importance to our organization. By means of new filter systems are being developed, so we can serve our customers in the best possible way. Molykem delivers innovative products with the best life cycle cost on the market while achieving the best water quality.

Molykem is a leading provider of advanced filtering equipment, new filtration of technologies for ground water, rain water, river & pond water, surface water, wastewater, well water, cooling water side stream filtration and etc. The world challenge is today the way of managing water mainly; how to recycle and reuse water effectively and this mainly rely on the pre or fore treating equipment with 70% successful rate; which we are able to supply.

Molykem is able to design and build the fore solutions in order to minimize the liquid discharge and the environmental impact, following any type of standard requirement from customers or end users. The goal is to minimize process used and wastewater in an economically feasible manner. The other aim is to produce the clean streams suitable for reuse elsewhere in the facility; for instance, developing applied physics technology to prevent and de-scaling; to minimize usages of chemical. Thus achieving greener environments while saving costs of chemical, water and electricity as well as longer operational life span for the main equipment.


    Through a wide and rich network of competent workshop, all specialized on different type of manufacturing, Molykem is able to provide any type of fabrication, under all the type of certification requested.
    Molykem works equipment supplied or on simple plants and is always available to customize the product in order to better comply with the client’s requirement. To respect these different scenarios, Molykem applies a strict control of its internal standards quality procedures to operate. The aim is to respect timing, respect the conformity to client’s specification and international codes & standards.
    Molykem specialized personnel can provide any type of supervision, to pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up, installation of our filtering equipment.
    Quality management system and good manufacturing procedure, Molykem applies strict controls to testing & validation in order to ensure the respect of the design, of the international standards and of client’s specifications.
    After any supply, Molykem specialized personnel and its agents can provide training courses on operation and maintenance for the applied technology.
    Molykem organization includes in its head quarter offices a dedicated staff for the evaluation of the spare parts required in every plant supplied at customers using original spares from manufacturer for every equipment previously supplied.
    Molykem and its agents are committed to providing customer with an exceptional maintenance service enabling them to assure superior quality. To do so, Molykem offers customers flexible contract, adapted to their specific needs and site realities. Every contract negotiated with the client may contain any selection of the service elements described in this section. The after sales service contract can also cover parts required for preventive maintenance and consumable supply.
    Continuous & endless effort research and development has pioneered our products in the market with the following licenses achieved:

Distinguishing Features:

Water resources have become lesser and lesser around the world. Water saving, has been a serious issue faced by countries and also a most constantly-promoted policies. Therefore, guiding industries to use water effectively are imperative tasks. Through water treatment, wastewater can be collected, it can be recycled and/or reused, thus the goal of water saving can be achieved.

Filtering is mandatory for reclaiming water. Molykem has introduced patented technology to build long fiber filtering equipments which can filter and reclaim water. This advanced filtering equipment can completely substitute traditional sand filters; which have more advantages than sand types. Our long fiber filter equipments are more efficient for filtration of industrial and household-used water:

  • Excellent filtration efficiency
  • High Filtration Accuracy
  • Rapid filtering
  • High filtration capacity
  • Small installation space
  • Light equipment weight
  • Low cost per ton of outlet water (filtered)
  • Low backwash water volume
  • Easily-cleaned filtering material
  • Excellent oil-removal effect
  • Free of filtering materials replacement
  • No short fiber migration
  • Removal of iron and manganese
  • Excellent precipitate retention
  • Wide thermal tolerance
  • High-loading capacity
  • Highly absorbent, retentive.
  • For biological fluids and polymers
  • Collection of aqueous suspended solids

Types Available:

Operational Principles According to different internal configurations and filtering methods, long fiber filters can be categorized into two types:

Floating plate type:

A floating plate is installed on the top of fibers, which can be driven up and down by the hydraulic power of raw water.


Automatically driven up and down by the hydraulic power of raw water, the floating plate can reduce or increase the fiber density. Therefore, the excellent filtration accuracy and capacity can be achieved through the appropriate fiber density adjusted by the pressure from the floating plate. Advantages_images_1

Adjusting plate type:

Fiber adjusting plate can be adjusted to stay at an appropriate position.


From the fibers' own floating and sinking motion, the fiber bundles will be pressed or released, appropriately catching the suspended solids in the water to generate high filtration capacity.


The pros and cons between fiber filtration vs. sand filtration(filtration volume: 100m3/hr)




Conventional sand filtration Fiber filtration
Filtration rate(LV linear velocity) 10 m/hr Normal filtration: 30m/hr
High speed filtration: 60~100 m/hr
Filtering surface area 10 m2  large location area
Normal filtration: 3.3m2  (LV=30)
High speed filtration: 1.25m2 (LV=80)
Backwash water volume 2~3 times the standard outlet water (filtered) volume.
0.36~0.48 m3/m2‧min
Normal filtration:
High speed filtration:
Backwash time 20~30 minutes 20~30 minutes
Backwash water volume If washed once a day, the total backwash water volume per year will reach 36500m3, which is a huge consumption. If washed once a day, the total backwash water volume per year is 15330/5840m3, a much smaller consumption.
Filtration capacity Shallow bed filtration, low capacity, and relatively high backwash frequency. Deep bed filtration, high capacity, and relatively low backwash frequency.
Filtration accuracy Only capable of removing suspended solids of 10μm diameter and above. The removing rate of suspended solids:
100% for 10μm diameter
≧80% for 2μm diameter
Filtering material replacement Once every 1 to 3 years, depending on fouling condition. Last for more than 10 years under normal operation.
Treatment for colloid and iron Not effective for colloid, iron, and manganese. Capable of removing colloid, iron, and manganese.
Agglomeration Microorganisms and pollutants will agglomerate on the filtering material to cause short circulating current during filtration. No agglomeration impairing filtration effect.
Filtration for oil The filtering material will be fouled by oil. Capable of removing oil.
Power requirement Much more backwash water volume (several times as much as raw water) and higher water head loss is needed, which requires larger power. Less backwash water (lesser than outlet water (filtered) is required, which can be mixed with air to clean the fibers.
Small power requirement.
Filtration water head loss Initial pressure depends on the diameter of filtering material. Normally 0.5kg/cm2
Backwash if pressure difference is 0.5kg/cm2.
Initial pressure is 0.2~0.4 kg/cm2.
Backwash if pressure difference is 0.5~1.0kg/cm2.
Options for different applications No. High efficiency fiber filter.
High speed fiber filter.
High accuracy fiber filter.
High capacity fiber filter.
Oil-bearing wastewater fiber filter.
Open type fiber filtering basin.
Wet weight Heavy gross weight Light gross weight
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